Bed and Breakfast

Through your own front door and a set of stairs, you will reach the topfloor of Herberg Solomons which is used as a bed and breakfast, and offers space to 1 to 5 guests from one party.
The combined two-person living and bedroom at the front side of the house has a lovely bed consisting of 2 separate boxsprings, reading lamps, a wardrobe, a television, Wi-Fi and a comfortable chair.
A second smaller bedroom, located at the other side of the house has 2 separate beds, a linen-cupboard and a single-chair.

oth of the rooms are not rented separately, and owner Dorine neither makes usage from the rooms.
This means that you will always have both rooms to your own.

The spacious passage between the both rooms offers the possibility to cook small and simple meals.
Located in the passage are a small dining table, a refrigerator, a microwave-oven, a kettle, an electrical cooking-hob, a Senseo coffee-machine and a cupboard with silverware, pots and pans.
In the refrigerator, you will find a free breakfast for the first morning.
The spacious bathroom provides aside from a toilet and a douche, also a washing table with a sink.

WiFi, towels, kitchen-towels and extra bedlinen are available and free of charge. A voluntary donation for these services is appreciated. Money collected from these donations will used to support cancer- and brain research.

If there are no activities planned in the Heerenkamer, you can also make use of this facility. 
There is a library with some books and games, and an exit to the garden which you can use.

Do you have any special needs or questions? Mail us, almost everything is possible.

In short:
  • Free WiFi
  • Television
  • (Kitchen)Towels
, extra pillows, bedsheets and bedlinen
Coffee and tea utilities
  • Breakfast for your first morning
  • Simple cooking utilities
  •  Douche, sink, toilet
  •  Library and games
  • Usage of the garden and fireplace (with a proviso)
  • Personal parking lot
  • Possibility to rent/borrow bikes
  • Pets are allowed in consultation
  • For a small payment, we can do a small laundry for you.
  • You are allowed to smoke outside.
  • In consultation and for a fee, we can cook for you around dinnertime.
What do you need to know: 
  •  The entrance to the bed and breakfast is by the use of stairs and thus difficult to reach for disabled people.
  •  There are no security-measures for small children. For example, there is no fence around the stairs.
  • The building is old. Take into account that there will be creaking floors and low-hanging beams.
  • The building is not yet isolated, and is partly warmed by gas-heaters. We kindly ask you to handle these with care and that  you are aware of the fire-safety rules. 
  • The master bedroom, at the front side of the house is located near a calm but connecting road.
  • During the weekdays owner Dorine is mainly present and/or reachable after 6pm. It can be the case that you will encounter no, or another innkeeper at your arrival.
  • There are cats and chicken’s downstairs.
  • We expect that you will handle the Herberg and her surroundings with care and respect.