The Lords Chamber

Meetings and Gatherings

The still original Heerenkamer/Lords Chamber located in Herberg Salomons is the room in which, back in the days, Captain Salomons would share his snifter and smoke his cigars together with his guests, whilst having a view over the busy canal.
Nowadays you can use his chamber and his garden for your own meeting and gathering.
Do you have insufficient space for your guests or do you not feel like doing the dishes? 

Maybe you are looking for an informal place for your meeting, gathering, high-tea, dinner, party, drinks, funeral, lecture, presentation, board meeting or just a nice get-together..

The Heerenkamer provides space for approximately 20 persons. If the weather is nice, the garden can be used as well. This would provide space for approximately 35 persons. 

For your business or educational oriented meetings, we could provide you with a beamer and/or whiteboard. 

Organizing a birthday or wedding party? We will take care of the decorations.

Food and drinks
You can rent the Heerenkamer without any of the extra accommodations for a small price. You only need to place a reservation, and everything will be ready at your arrival. 

Maybe you would like to offer your guests some coffee and tea? It's possible.

But the Heerenkamer also offers extra accommodations: a high-tea, an afternoon with Spanish tapas and wines, cake for after the funeral, some classic Dutch sausages and cheeses with a nice glass of soda, or a traditional Dutch stew at 6pm; almost everything is possible!

Send a e-mail to Herberg Salomon or call after 6pm and we will try to suit your needs. 

Herberg Salomons only uses local and biological ingredients.


Since 2001, owner Dorine gives cooking-workshops. She worked for nearly 30 years as a chef, therefore she has a wide scale knowledge about products and cooking-techniques. 

Fish, meat, vegetarian, vegan or special diet; Dorine is a jack-of-all-trades.
The cooking-workshops take place in groups containing 5 to 10 persons, and are also very popular among children from ages 5+.
You can indicate yourself what you would like to learn, or we can provide you with one of our own suggestions. 

The prices of the workshops are based on the prices of the products that will be used during the workshops. For example, if you would like to learn how to make sushi, prices will be around 17,50 euro’s pro person. 

But if you want to learn how to make a Foie Gras terrine, prices will be a bit higher. 

Do you have a husband, spouse, father, son or daughter that cannot cook? The Herberg also provides private cooking lessons.
Send an e-mail to the Herberg regarding the possibilities or call us after 6pm.
The Heerenkamer is easily accessible for disabled persons.