Welcome to Herberg Salomons

Herberg (translation; hostelry/inn) Salomons is a small enterprise housed in a monumental captains-lodge  build in 1850 in the heart of the village  Gasselternijveen, located in Drenthe. Owner Dorine has over 35 years experience as a hostess and chef-cook and started the Herberg  in 2014 besides her regular career. 

Aside from the Bed and breakfast  on the top floor, the Herberg also provides usage of the Heerenkamer
(translation; the Lords chamber) on the ground floor. 
he Heerenkamer, the old salon with an exit leading to the original garden, provides space for meetings, parties, obsequies, diners, cooking-workshops, drinks, presentations and other professional and/or unprofessional gatherings. 

From small to big, Herberg Salomons organizes your activity for groups consisting of 4 to 35 persons.

The Herberg mainly works with organic and local products and uses second-hand tableware.